Telenet integrates emotions in its customer experience measurements

An innovative approach for a metrics-oriented company and industry

In order to measure how Telenet’s customers feel about the company’s daily efforts to deliver pleasurable and meaningful experiences, Telenet has selected GetSmily to track and analyze its customers’ Emoscore (a unique method developed by the UCL spin-off). Thanks to this unique technology, Telenet will be able to assess how its customers feel and experience the company’s digital services and products.

Customer behaviour is evolving fast, and every company should be able to adapt to new challenges in terms of customer support, digital experiences, and relationships. “From day one, I understood the benefits of collecting customer feedback 24/7 in order to feed our digital team with real-time and topical customer insights,” explains Jeremy Curtin, Director of Digital at Telenet. “GetSmily is a great opportunity for Telenet to integrate a unique and innovative technology: Emolytics. In a rapidly changing environment, we need simple yet robust indicators that allow us to remain agile and in sync with our customers’ experiences and expectations; needless to say that we want to use solutions that does not interfere with their journey. Still, we need in-depth and actionable insights on which we can take action to improve the platforms we build for them,” Curtin concludes.

“GetSmily is very excited to welcome Telenet as a customer. This partnership demonstrates that the scientific work done around our technology for the last 3 years is reaching the heart of major players in competitive environments, where the customer is at the center of the business priorities,” says David Hachez, CEO and co-founder of GetSmily. “We believe that customer experience measurement is key for companies if they want to succeed in the years to come. All the communications and marketing efforts in which they invest human and financial capital need a strong ROI proof. What better than the emotions that drive customer behaviour to evaluate their performance?”

"From day one, I understood the benefits of collecting customer feedback 24/7 in order to feed our digital team with real-time and topical customer insights." Jeremy Curtin, Digital Director
About Emolytics

Emolytics is a brand of GetSmily S.A., a spin-off company of the UCL university in Belgium.

Emolytics measures customer experience through the prism of emotion, scientifically, helping businesses make informed decisions that impact results. They are the provider of the Emoscore®, a unique algorithm, used as a customer experience KPI. Thanks to that scientific expertise, Emolytics brings valuable insights to companies based on people's emotions.

The founders :

David Hachez, CEO of Emolytics was the driver behind some other initiatives such as Raz*War, launched in 2009 and taken over by a private investment fund in 2012. The same year, thanks to the facilitation of the LTTO and the Louvain School of Management (LSM), he got acquainted to David Frenay, biomedical civil engineer, master of physics, bachelor of mathematics and physics and International Mathematical Olympiad Medal Winner, who has been at the origin of the detection of emotions. He currently holds the position of CTO.

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