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Emolytics is a brand of GetSmily S.A., a spin-off company of the UCL university in Belgium.

Emolytics measures customer experience through the prism of emotion, scientifically, helping businesses make informed decisions that impact results. They are the provider of the Emoscore®, a unique algorithm, used as a customer experience KPI. Thanks to that scientific expertise, Emolytics brings valuable insights to companies based on people's emotions.

The founders :

David Hachez, CEO of Emolytics was the driver behind some other initiatives such as Raz*War, launched in 2009 and taken over by a private investment fund in 2012. The same year, thanks to the facilitation of the LTTO and the Louvain School of Management (LSM), he got acquainted to David Frenay, biomedical civil engineer, master of physics, bachelor of mathematics and physics and International Mathematical Olympiad Medal Winner, who has been at the origin of the detection of emotions. He currently holds the position of CTO.

Check out https://www.emolytics.com for more details.